As the majority of the election results are now known, it is quite clear that Malawians have made a decision oust President Joyce Banda from power in the credible elections that took place in this country yesterday.

However, It is with great sadness that Joyce Banda and the Peoples’ Party’s desperation has reached a new low as they plan to use every trick in the book to discredit the results of the tripartite elections.


On Wednesday evening, Joyce Banda instructed the police to arrest some members of the opposition claiming that they had been rigging the elections. This is the most ridiculous charge as it is the first time in the world that an opposition party has been accused of rigging an election.


Joyce Banda and her people’s party’s recent claims that DPP is rigging the elections is not only implausible but downright smacks of desperation to cling to power and deny Malawians their right to choice.

While Malawians await the results of the elections, Joyce Banda and her advisors would rather see Malawi revert to the predatory and corrupt rule that characterised her government over a democratically elected leader in a free and fair elections.

These fake arrests of alleged rigging people should not be allowed to work. President Joyce Banda should be urged to concede defeat gracefully and vacate from office with dignity.


With two years of kleptocratic rule that has sapped the peoples trust in President Banda, she continues to use her influence to meddle in the smooth running of our electoral process.


We call on MEC to respect the rule of law by releasing the election results before they alienate large segment of the Malawi society.


Release the results that clearly represent the will of the Malawian people and let them explode into the joy that they have awaited for these past two years of darkness.

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