Cedrick G Ngalande
Cedrick G Ngalande throws his heart in the ring, #MalawiVotes2019

You have seen the ruling class fighting over each other for the right to bleed Malawians even more. They are all the same; they plundered the country together and now they are pointing fingers at each other. Cronyism abound; a party that prefers a people of a particular tribe is no different from a party that prefers region or religion.


Malawians deserve better! Fifty years after independence we still have no reliable electricity and no good healthcare. The education system has collapsed and the ordinary woman has grown poorer and poorer.

The time has now come to put a pause to this nonsense. We all have a responsibility to reinvent the country. I will do my part and I invite you to partner with me as we cleanse the country of these corrupt politicians.

I shall be putting my name forward in presidential election.

Unlike the politicians who are making a laundry of promises which they will obviously not keep, I make only TWO bold and substantial promises to Malawians:
1. Reliable electricity: We will eliminate blackouts within the first year of my administration. By the end of the first 5 years, we will have brought electricity to every corner of Malawi. Every Malawian who needs electricity and can afford it, will have access to it.

2. Clean slate: Our cabinet will comprise of fresh faces. For a long time Malawi has been recycling old ideas. To move ahead Malawi needs a complete break from its failed past. Fixing these two issues will provide a solid platform for solving all the other problems we face. Cheap and reliable electricity will help create new jobs, attract investments and facilitate better healthcare in rural areas. We cannot develop the country with old ideas; we need fresh ideas and perspectives.

These are clear and measurable promises. We are not going to have multi-page manifestos. Our manifesto will be a one-page long document comprising only these two promises. Every Malawians will understand them clearly, and will help to keep us accountable. Please join me, and let us together take on this noble task.

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Send me an email cedrick@cedrickngalade.org and let me know your ideas and dreams about Malawi.

The establishment will not give up easily. Yes, we are underdogs in this race – we like it that way. But the establishment will only ignore us at their peril. Over the next 8 months, we will walk on every road, path and byway of the villages throughout Malawi as we take our message directly to the common man in the village.

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