Indian hitchhiker Ansh Mishra in Malawi by foot

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Ansh Mishra, an Indian nomad, core hitchhiker, travel blogger and couch surfing ambassador is in Malawi on a mission to cover African continent on foot while promoting tourism.

Mishra, who left his home, Allahabad on February 3, 2017, with only two of his bags, a mobile phone, camera and a lot of self confidence and passion for traveling has already covered seven countries in Africa; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi and DRC.

After capturing his experiences with locals in the said countries, Ansh hopes to learn more from Malawi as he is to visit the country’s tourism hotspots

Mishra’s venture caught The Maravi Post attention, eventually granted an exclusive interview en-route to other countries as he rests in Malawi.

Maravi Post: Briefly who is Mishra?

Mishra: I’ m from an Indian lower middle class family, who has been grown while seeing people from zero to Star. There was a days when we were eating Just Normal Roti ( like Chapati in Africa) in a day in my family when i was almost 5-6 years old and my dad was just working as an government employee but with barely income it was just to survive a 4 members in a family like Me, my Brother and Mom- Dad. Time Goes, day’s goes even year. Thanks to My Dad Mom who has given me this beautiful life to see it real one, and now able to make it instead of dreaming only. I have done my engineering and management course and even worked with corporate for few years. But i think Traveling Passion developed within my blood since i was almost 12 years old only.

I’m an India’s First Hitchhiker Traveler Who has Hitchhiked entire Indian Nation officially, and now aiming ( traveling ) Hitchhiking (Only Lift) across Africa all 54 Countries by land border only since 1st Feb-2021 and still In Africa.

Maravi Post: Your journey is quite unique and takes a brave heart. What led you into making this decision?

Mishra: The journey aims to achieve the following agenda;

: To Inspire every single human being to not lose hope.
: Money should not be issue to achieve your travel dream destination.
: There is No one stranger in this world. We all are connected with each other with our simplicity and kind Humanity.
: Language Can never be barrier to move around if you wish to travel anywhere in this world.
:Because Im people’s person, like to meet maximum and different mindset people.
: To listen stories of random people and to share it with other random people’s from mine experience.
: To Build Self tested long lasting contacts at unknown places, city, district, Countries. Which no one can share with you.
: Remove Stranger word’s Fobia
: To Spread Humanity kind message to help each other in any way to get same for yourself whenever needed.
: To Break Luxury and Expensive Travel Fobia that anybody can travel anywhere with anyone even without flight or without money.
: To Inspire every single heart whosoever having wish to travel but dead inside because of lack of knowledge of traveling experiences, Skills, and ofcourse budget issue.
: To Know the Places, things, taboo, culture, activities and unique person and stories which haven’t been told, published, or shared till now to the world specially about that person in my terms Local Heroes of country.

Maravi Post: So far, what is your favourite thing about Malawi?

Mishra: MALAWI – Means Fire Flames – That’s how it comes The Warm Heart of Africa.Malawi is not just warm by heart, its more Lovable, friendliness, happiest and safest country in Southern African Countries.

Malawi, means Malawian People who are Pride of their country, super power of their economics, and famous for keeping their own traditional culture. Since Day one till today while staying, meeting, traveling in Malawi, i have seen every single corner of any place, people are smiling, greetings each other with respect with care and meaningful emotions.

Malawi has so much to offer for any Tourist – Few Facts People should not forget Malawi is the First country wherein highest Elephant translocation happened in the world. Chambo Fish- Which is the only Fish which you can not find anywhere in the world except Malawi. Malawi has two UNESCO World Heritage sites -Dance, culture, kingdom, even Rain Dance Rituals activities by Mang’anja people Tribe sena people only found in Malawi country.

Maravi Post: By the time you have passed by Malawi and continued your journey, what would you have liked to accomplish?

Mishra: MALAWI People- Across The country. They are the one who should be the first reason to visit this most beautiful country. Feel them, respect them, and show some real love towards Malawian, Trust Me you will never regret to revisit this Country.

Maravi Post: For those who are interested in following this journey, which social sites can they use to track your journey?

Mishra: Now as being content creator, I’m YouTuber as well. So anyone can support, follow or even can travel together with me while following my Journey on My all Officially Social Handle:

YouTube Channel –

YouTube: letsroamindia
IG: letsroamindia
FB: letsroamindia

Maravi Post: Such a journey is quite emotional straining because one leaves behind friends and family. How did your family react when you told them about your plan?

Mishra: This is one of the most hardness of my travel journey as yes i do Miss my family, friends, relative, my country, my home , my food, my ritual, my festival everything. Its not easy to travel far from your continents, country, family.But this is the challenge, which i wanted to accomplish, to inspire other people.

You have to compromise with your need, with your life status sometimes to achieve something big, something unique. Every one or even No one can become star of his/her life without any failure or some sacrifice. But I’m thankful to my all family members that they always standby with me and with my all decisions. But yeah tears in eyes now while talking with you for such matters due to missing them badly.

Maravi Post: For those inspired by this journey what would piece of advice would you give them about such a trip and some of the challenges they might face?

Mishra: Don’t follow what other do, Just follow your inner heart and goal. Don’t copy someone, be a real and unique one, people should follow you. Don’t lose Your Hope as i believe ” Hope Never Dies “.

Be positive, Be Confident, Be humble even if you are Rockstar, respect people, care for people and spread humanity.This kind of Journey is not a joke, not even luxury, not even For getting such fame, but its not even impossible, its all about your dream which you had this since your childhood and now this is the time to stop dreaming and let’s achieve it together.

See You Somewhere On The Malawi Road!.

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