Dear Friends of the Family,

In case you are not already receiving our newsletter, below is our report on the good bad and very ugly at the UN over the last several weeks.  We would encourage you to send this to your governments to help them understand the manipulation and outright deceit being used to advance sexual rights in UN negotiations. What happened at CSW on the HIV resolution should not be tolerated and is described in detail in “The Very Ugly” section.

 And it is happening again at CPD.  

They had nations agree to no negotiations on ICPD and then they produced a supposedly “procedural” document but it is full of CSE and RR and other controversial issues.

Their main goal at CPD is to get the outcome documents of the review conferences for ICPD that they manipulated to include all or their radical sexual “rights” endorsed as well and comprehensive sexuality education if they can get that too.

As you all know comprehensive sexuality education is their number one tool to raise up the next generation to support and advance their sexual ideologies as rights.

With regard to CPD they know they will never get sexual orientation and gender identity accepted in the CPD document or any other openly negotiated document so they just put it in there to trade it out to get what they really want in the end.

Please continue to hold out for a procedural CPD document only that does not endorse the regional conference documents in ANY way.  

It would be good to have an alternative procedural document ready (that is a truly procedural) with no references to the regional conference documents to be proposed as an alternative to the CPD text you are now being pressured to negotiate.

We would be happy to produce such a draft for your consideration upon request.

There comes a tipping point when enough countries decide that they have had enough of their games, manipulations and deceit and take firm actions.  I think we are getting close to that point.


P.S. At CSW they even slipped a reference in recognizing the outcome document of the review conferences of Beijing which we believe is meant to be an endorsement of conferences they have not even been held yet in preparations for the review of Beijing in 2015 at CSW.  They will fill those documents with sexual orientation, gender identity, and comprehensive sexuality education, etc as well.


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