Police officers carrying speakers instead of guns

LUSAKA-(MaraviPost)-Zambians on social media are mocking Malawians following the recent scandal that happened at Mtakataka turn off in the lake show district of Mangochi during President Lazarus’s Chakwera’s stop over.

In a video making rounds on social media, two police officers are seen carrying speakers on their shoulder as president Chakwera is addressing the people who gathered at the place to welcome him as he was proceeding to Mangochi.

Adding to that, another police officer is seen moving around the place shooting a video while the president was making his address

The video attracted different views and opinions from the general public of which most of them are criticisms and mockery from the neighboring Zambia.

One Fred Soriano hinted that such actions are the ones that are hindering Africa from progressing as everything is being misused by leaders emphasizing that with such leaders we should not expect Africa to evolve.

Another one Gilbert TG Mutinta said that what the officers were doing is beyond duty bound and described it as a punishment.

Not everyone was seeing the action by the police officers as actions some were concerned of the health of the officers saying they will end up being deaf.

Tabitha Lusungu Muwowo said; “These soldiers will end up being deaf if they had no ear protection.”

Gzo Timmy Simon made fun of the moment as he said that Malawi is used a Just for Laughs Gag by Angel Gabriel and his friends in heaven.

“After a long day in heaven when Angel Gabriel wants to relax and have some laughs he switches on to Malawi TV,” he said.

Kayombo Nguvulu plainly said what Chakwera did is abuse of power citing an example of former president of America Barack Obama who came under heavy criticisms for allowing a soldier to hold an umbrella for him when it was raining questions what more speakers?

Considering that Malawi and Zambia have a lot in common and that they both were craving for change which finally came in their countries, some of them prayed that their leader Hakainde Hichilema should not change to what Chakwera is today.

Mwaba Kennedy gave a little prayer; “I pray HH doesn’t change but save us with dignity, love, care and selfless, not saving us for self-praise, not to become a dictator etc. Lord hear me amen.”

Source: Face of Malawi

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